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Important Dates:

Neighborhood Garage Sale 31 May - 2 Jun

Dumpster available for large item disposal  Jun 2-3



January 2014 Minutes

Neighborhood meeting minutes

Our annual meeting was held on January 14th, 2014 at Summit Pointe Elementary.
President Caren Brandenburg opened our meeting at 7:00 P.M. with a welcome to everyone who attended.

Quorum was not met and due to this , voting on the 2014 budget and board of directors was set a side for the following Tuesday, January 21st.
Secretary Nancy Harrison then read the minutes from the annual 2013 meeting.
Caren then went over the events and things that had happened over the past year.
We ended our contract with CAM and reduced our dues back to $250.
Trees were trimmed in the South canal area.
We enacted a fine policy for violating the restrictions Power at the North entrance was added and lights at both entrances A Harvestors collection was taken We had a 4th of July parade and pancakes from Chris Cakes and also in August had a dinner and movie in the pool parking lot.
The north entrance was fixed due to summer construction The baby pool was refinished and tile and grout were done on the big pool All new pool cards were handed out after repairs were done to the card reader Repairs on pool house were done We had three HOA meetings and three newsletters that went out.
Holiday lights were put up at both entrances and at the pool

It was then discussed why CAM is no longer our management company and said that the board will take over management duties with Accounting Net Solutions as our accounting firm.

The South canal was discussed. Clean up, to make it more attractive. Also whom is responsible for what. ( homeowner/ HOA)

It was asked if the homeowner would be receiving a receipt for HOA dues and the reply was no, the homeowners bank account statement would be the receipt.

As of December 2013 Pryor Meadows was owed $16,500 from past dues.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 P.M. With a reminder of the make-up meeting January 21st.