2022 Events  

Annual Meeting

Due to a covid outbreak the annual meeting is being rescheduled from Monday January 17th to Monday January 31st.

There are board openings to vote on as well as general business to discuss. 

Contact Shelley Richards with Centennial management for details. Shelley@ cmckc.com; or Kate Knapp Kate@cmckc.com

The meeting is virtual and a call-in number will be provided.

More events coming soon!



Welcome to Pryor Meadows Homes Association!

Your Community Manager is Shelley Richards. Shelley@cmckc.com; 913-563-4723.

Your Assistant Community Manager is Kate Knapp. Kate@cmckc.com. 913-563-4727.

Please make checks/payments payable to Pryor Meadows. And remember to include your account number on the check/payment.

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